The Progress of the First Novel

Alright, Hollideus I: The Horrors of Halloween is on its way. The first chapter is satisfying at the moment, imo - Paillan recently added cool titles to all the additional chapters. Now, we only need to turn them from short summaries to awesome stories! And add some kewl artwork.
I made this thread to discuss the overall progress of the first novel. Let's talk about where we are heading, what we need to do, and let's get some ideas and suggestions on the board!
I'd be honored to tell my ideas of changes first! Tell me what you think about the following topics :)
Viu Laehon as the God of Time:
You probably guessed that this character is the Hollideus universe's version of Vengeancekael. His look is entirely different, and so is his name. However, I thought about making him even more different. 
He's always been this weird mysterious dude who took care of things by writing in his book. I thought about making him more than that - I thought he could be one of the Gods in the Hollideus Universe. The God of Time, how does that sound? 
I mean, his job is to make sure time goes the right way, so it could match perfectly. Then I thought about changing his appearance a little more, to better resemble his role as God of Time. He should have an orange theme to his clothing, or maybe even skin color - just like his castle should be this color. That would mean that the color of orange would resemble his magic. With a God of Time we could explain the source of magical energy in Am'ar's staff, and Kanta Sauce's power to deliver presents to the whole world in one night!
Only problem is Lujon... in Kaelicious, Lujon is the brother of Vengeancekael. What would that make Lujon in this universe?
The Minitaur people:
We call them Tauren in the Kaelicious universe, but everybody knows Blizzard invented that race. We wanna be as unique as possible, so I thought first of calling this bull-like race "the Minotaurs" like they are called in ancient greek mythology. However, I recently came up with a new idea.
"The Minitaurs"! I mean, Go'an Wise-Horn's a little dude anyway, so why not make the entire race a small breed, known for their connection to earth.
If we also connect this idea with the original Minotaurs' habit of roaming stone labyrinths, we suddenly have a totally unique race in our universe!
Small bull-like creatures, known for their cunning, kindkness, abilities in geomancy, and native american-like way of living.. Bam! It's inspired by tauren and minotaurs, but it's far from identical to them :)
New Names:
We need lots of new names for lots of things. Characters, locations, what not.

Easterland, because its a little bit too silly.
Hell, no way. Too mainstream.
Earth's Core, because we're not on planet Earth.
Southern Continent, 'cuz it obviously lacks a name already.
Valentine Forest, I think it have to be changed. No?
Valley of Christmas, needs a new name.
Cartellaña - I thought the name was kewl when I made it up, but it's really just weird.
Loch Kael & Loch Kael Harbor, 'cause they are weird names.
Wise-Horn Mace Base, something I quickly made up and haven't changed it since. The worst name ever for a Minitaur city...
The "Gryphon's Arc" Paladin Chapel, cause there needs to be a proper name.
Valentine City, it's not really a creative name for such a romantic place.
The Cat-people, obviously needs a real name.
Frederica Bernkastel, because its a total rip-off from some manga-universe.
The Mad King, 'cuz he has no real name.
Lizzie, 'cuz it's a nickname. Elisabeth?
Alexandros, 'cuz it's not very elvish, is it?
Moltenpyre - a name that LK called his character in the project HHH back in the days, instead of Legion King. I don't wanna go back to Legion King, but I'm not too fond of this name either.
Kyousuke Imadori, like Bernkastel, the name is from some manga somewhere, and it doesn't really match the other human names in the universe.
Aszure, weird name for a human boy from a thief village.