2012 was the year where Vengeancekael created the Kaelicious social group on the Hive Workshop, back then named "The Mad King's Realm" to announce the identically named holiday-themed event of November 2012. The following month, December 2012, the group's second event, Santa's Workshop, was launched. Many contests were held during these two events and overall they were both quite active on a daily basis.

Many members joined during those two months, and many of those members helped start up the actual roleplay that would later become known as the Kaelicious universe. All members who posted in 2012 includes: Alagremm, Almia, Amargaard, Anknaton, APproject, Azsure, BallisticTerrain, Bernkastel, bisnar13, bowser499, Chaosy, Da Fist, Darkdread, David, Deolrin, don_svetlio, Freyleyes, Gen Bloodhorn, GreeN!X, HammerFist132, Hell_Master, HOooDy, kari0003, Killd0zer, Legion_King, Maestros, NagaRulez, Paillan, Pr0blemBr0, PROXY, RED BARON, Rozll0rt, Sin'dorei300, Sky Green, sonofjay, Spoontoobig, VeljkoM, VengeancekaelVladadamm, WerBackIII,, -Grendel and ~DARK~.

The two first novels in the Hollideus novel series, "Hollideus I: The Horrors of Halloween" and "Hollideus II: The Christmas Conflict" are based on the roleplaying events of 2012.