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Adam Nikolaj Margaard
Adam Nikolaj Margaard
Adam Nikolaj Margaard in August 2014.
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Adam Nikolaj Margaard, better known by his internet-alias Amargaard, often called "Amar" or simply "Am", is a 20-year-old guy living in Helsingør, Denmark, born the 10th of January 1995, and is the former maintaining member in the Kaelicious social group, and the Team Leader of the Hollideus Project. Additionally, he is also working as a writer and artist of the project.

Amargaard joined the Kaelicious roleplay in December 2012 with an unnamed post, using Am'ar Kardos as his Main Character. Extra Characters created by Amargaard in the roleplay includes Gyro, the McPatrickus Brothers, Dai Quong, Thylleon and the God of Fire.

Relation to the Hollideus ProjectEdit

Adam Nikolaj Margaard has long been a prominent member of Kaelicious, and dedicated roleplayer of its unique universe. However during a period spanning from summer to winter in 2013, the new maintainer of Kaelicious, Bernkastel, was trying out new universes, which at the end made Amargaard leave the group in protest. While having little to do, he instead focused on a new roleplaying project of his - a huge one, that would be based on the stories which his typical main character Am'ar Kardos had been part of, which included stories from several different roleplays, which would have to be completely rebooted and combined into a huge mix-up. Unlike his previous roleplays, Adam based this one on a wikia site. However, before long, Kaelicious was back in its old glory and Amargaard had rejoined, and thus had little time for his wikia roleplaying project, but at least it had inspired him.

Inspired him to re-think the lore of the original Kaelicious universe, making it better than its current state. However, at this point these were only thoughts, but once Bernkastel passed on the role as maintainer over Kaelicious to Amargaard in January 2014, and the following months were filled with relatively epic roleplaying plots, Amargaard finally decided to do something about it. Knowing he could and should not change the old lore of Kaelicious, he instead decided to create an entirely new universe, based on Kaelicious, called the Hollideus universe. Amargaard created the Hollideus Project wiki in the beginning of Summer 2014, and have worked secretly on it ever since, hoping that he will be able to make it large enough to work out both as a complete wiki for the Kaelicious universe, and a platform for successfully developing the new Hollideus universe and its related projects.

Secretly, he worked for months on adding new pages on the wiki, and constantly updating already existing ones. At first he focused on the basic pages, and pages about Hivers who were prominent members of the Kaelicious social group, not wanting to start the actual projects before he deemed the wiki entirely presentable to the others. However, his ideas for the expanded universe finally evolved so much that he couldn't refrain from writing an entire summary for the first in the novel series, Hollideus I: The Horrors of Halloween. He is still planning to reveal the Hollideus Project wiki to the members of Kaelicious on the social group's approaching 2 year anniversary, November of 2014, hoping they will support and help developing the wiki...

Real-Life BiographyEdit

Early Life and Introduction to the School SystemEdit

Første skoledag med far

Adam and his father on the first day of School.

Adam was born in the small danish city Gentofte the tenth of January 1995, but a few years after his birth his parents were divorced and moved apart, to the point that he can not even remember them ever being together. Yet, they always managed to stay friendly and kind to each other in his presence. Adam grew up, living mainly with his mother in a small city called Smørum, and visiting his father from time to time. In 2001 when he was finally 6 years old, he went to one of Smørum's three elementary schools, Søagerskolen, and quickly got many friends in his class, called the A-class. Talking both with the girls and the boys. However, in second grade, 2003, a terrible car accident resulted in the death of one of his female classmates. A very kind and popular girl whose death triggered a chain reaction in the class - all the girls left the class one by one until there was only one girl left among the many boys. Because of the lack of balance, it was decided that the remaining young students of the A-class should all be split up and moved into either one of the two parallel classes, the B- and C-classes, in fourth grade after summer 2005. 
14-year-old me

14-year-old Adam.

All the boys, except one, wanted to join what was known as the C-class, because the B-class was infamously known for its bullying football-boys. Adam was one of the unlucky ones, who ended up with the bullies. Because it was not in his nature to hang out with neither football-boys nor bullies, Adam instead ended up with those who had reputation for being the "losers" of the B-class, and during the many following years he hung out with no one but these, doing stuff like playing games and participated in live roleplays etc. Although he had gotten new close friends in the B-class, he was never truly happy, like in the A-class where he was on friendly terms with everyone. However, one day, one year before the end of the elementary school, Adam's mother came to him and asked him if he wanted to go to what was known as an "efterskole" instead of the normal elementary school for the remaining year. She had been to one herself in her youth, and she had learned that an efterskole was a great place to get to know oneself. Adam did not know what he was signing up for at all, but decided he had little to lose, and ended up replying something like "yes, sure, why not?". 

Tølløse Privat- og EfterskoleEdit

Mig og Victor til Galla

A "Melody Grand Prix"-event was held at the efterskole, and Adam's group won for this performance. (Adam is the Teddy bear)

Fortunately, the efterskole that he attended after summer vacation 2010, caled Tølløse Privat- og Efterskole, changed everything to the better. He learned that it was a completely fresh start - and that no one on the efterskole knew about his role as a loser in his former school, which meant he was free to re-define an entirely new role for himself with all the new people. The common efterskole-system, where the students actually live on the school for the whole year which it typically lasts, enabled him to grow much closer friends with the other students on shorter time, than he had ever been with his old friends back in Smørum. Additionally, this time he did not limit himself to hang out with one stereotype of people any longer, so eventually, he ended up as a slightly popular dude on the efterskole, which helped him build up a strong confidence and self-esteem, resulting in him having his first couple of girlfriends and lots of flirts, but also living life more loosely, with cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana in his spare time.
TPoE Roskilde Festival

Adam and other efterskole-students on Roskilde Festival summer 2011, after the TPoE-year had ended.

Once the school-year was over and the long summer vacation of 2011 begun, the many students of the efterskole decided to make a camp together at the huge and popular Roskilde Festival. They called their camp the TPoE-camp, in honor of their efterskole. One of the efterskole-students had made a deal that could provide the others with free festival armbands, if only they all worked volunteeringly for three days after the festival was over. This was Adam's first year at the famous danish festival, but he swore it would not be his last after realizing how awesome it was. The extra days with volunteer-work wasn't that bad anyway. The rest of the summer vacation contained a lot of more partying, with the people from Smørum and those from the efterskole, and others. At first it seemed sad that what had been his best year so far was over, but yet, the knowledge that Adam had received during the year, about the importance of social interaction with others and having confidence in oneself, proved to be very valuable wherever he went...

Moving to HillerødEdit

Girls girls girls

Girls, girls, girls...

Mig på den syvende etage

Adam during his most active time as leader of Kakaofuglen.

The hobbies which he had gotten during his efterskole-year, including going to parties and smoking cannabis, seemingly stuck to him when Adam moved on to the next part of his life, once the year at Tølløse Privat- og Efterskole was over. Having finished all the required nine years of elementary school, Adam was now free to enter "gymnasium" (danish version of high school), but since his mother moved away from Smørum, to the northern city Hillerød, at that same time, he decided to take the optional tenth year of elementary school in a school in the new city, in order to get to know people there. The school was called Hillerød Ungdomscenter ("Hillerød Youth Center"), and the school-year started after the summer vacation of 2011. Due to his new confidence, Adam quickly rose to become a relatively popular person on the entire school, and soon got many friends outside of it, in the whole city, too. Eventually, he came to know many of the common visitors in the local Youth Center, Hillerød Ungdomskulturhus (Youth Culture Center). However, Adam's use of marijuana grew larger and larger as his circle of smoking friends grew larger as well, and there were quite a huge amount of cannabis smokers at this particular place. Not feeling bad about the increasing rate of smoking at all, he made a group for these smokers called "Kakaofuglen" ("The Chocolate Bird"), and being one of two leaders of this group, he felt responsible for hosting smoker events and make sure there was marijuana activity among the group's ever-growing amount of members. 
Me at Roskilde Festival 2012

The members of the Yes-camp chillin'. Adam wears the blue cap.

Then ended the school year in Hillerød Ungdomscenter, which was the last possible year before entering gymnasium, and the long summer vacation of 2012 begun. Like the previous summer vacation, Adam also started this one out by participating in the Roskilde Festival, this time buying the armband instead of working volunteeringly. He was only camping with a few of his efterskole-friends rather than in a huge camp with all of them. Instead, the camp that he was introduced to this time, had lots of new faces in all ages and from different countries, including Norway and India. The new people he got to know from this camp, which they named the Yes-camp, were later on added to his friendlist on facebook, so that they could keep contact until next year's Roskilde Festival.

Attending GymnasiumEdit

Returning from the festival, Adam realized that he could not continue smoking that much into the new school year, as things were about to get serious. And such an amount of cannabis-intake would obviously make it extremely difficult to pass the exams and move on and actually get something out of his adult life anyway. Unfortunately, he knew that smoking marijuana had become such a huge part of his life at that time that he had nothing else he could spend time on instead of it. The popularity he once had, was now only among the smoking members of Kakaofuglen, and because of the enormous dedication to marijuana, Adam have had little acknowledgement from the opposite sex for a way too long time, but he had discovered it too late to do something about it. All he had learned at the efterskole about self-esteem and having confidence in oneself seemed gone, and when he entered gymnasium after the summer vacation 2012, he ended up struggling with a deep depression, which only grew worse for every day. Because of that, he could hardly get new friends in the new gymnasium class, and once again ended up with a "loser" role. The only friends he had, were those outside the class that he smoked cannabis with, once the school days were over. However, he witnessed that his depression and the marijuana use effected one another negatively - the laughs and good times he once had with the weed was now changed to nothing but tiredness and bad mood, and the effect stuck to him constantly, which made his depression enormous at last.

Finally, after a half year at gymnasium, Adam decided to do something. He looked back at his time in the efterskole, and the extra school year after that, trying to figure out what went wrong once he entered gymnasium. Shortly before Christmas, he wrote down a list with all those small things that had brought him down, and although it felt bad to write down his own favorite hobby, which was to smoke cannabis, and his own gymnasium class among many other things he held dear, like his best friend, he knew it was true that they all played vital parts in constantly adding small bits to his depression. Once the list was done, Adam decided it was time to change it all, at once, and so he did. One month later he held his 18-year-birthday in a skater hall in Christiania, a place known by its huge marijuana intake, but although he smoked a lot during that day, he also had in mind that it would be his last time, which it almost was. From then on, he rarely participated in new smoker events, and left Kakaofuglen to its own dying fate. After the Christmas holiday, he moved class to a new gymnasium class, this one dominated by girls - some were his good friends already.

Facebook profile pic

Adam in the new class, on a trip to Germany. Clearly with his old attitude back.

Although it was a little hard at first, Adam managed to perfectly pull back his old personality that he was known for in the efterskole and as a student of Hillerød Ungdomscenter, and then finally re-use it in the new class the remaining half school year of 2013, never revealing a "loser" role to the others. He did so until he had successfully defined a natural strong social role among his new classmates. As one of few boys, he got a close connection to the other boys, and a lot of attention from the girls, which helped him climb back up on the horse, and create himself a reputation among his circle of friends. Once he finally had left the depression completely and got back his beloved self-esteem, Adam spread out his circle of friends, outside of the school once again. This time, trying to avoid adding too many potheads to his group of close friends. Eventually he got a very close friend who had an apartment and then ended up actually living with him for a couple of months, until the school year ended and into the summer vacation of 2013.
KFC 2013

A group picture featuring the few KFC-members who remained at the very last day of Roskilde Festival, 2013.

Then came Adam's third year at Roskilde festival, which he also bought the armband for himself, and for the first time ever he had decided to arrange the camp all by himself, inviting friends from both SmørumTølløse Privat- og EfterskoleHillerød and also those from last year's Roskilde Festival. Of course he also allowed others in, if they wanted to join - which meant that the camp suddenly got even more international with an Australian, and two Poles. He named the camp KakaoFuglCamp, or KFC for short, in honor of his abandoned marijuana smoking group Kakaofuglen.

However, the festival proved more expensive than he had expected, and in addition, his friend's apartment received an unexpected electricity bill at the time of his return, and suddenly Adam was totally out of money and had no choice but to move back to his mother again. In the meantime she had moved to a new city, at the border to Sweden - Helsingør. That meant that Adam's second year in gymnasium, would have to be in a new gymnasium with totally new people, which was kind of sad, since he had finally found a great place among the people in the old girl-dominated class, but his confidence made him curious of new adventures and getting to know new people anyway.

Helsingør GymnasiumEdit


Adam bonding with some of his new class-mates after a camping trip to Söderåsen, Sweden.

However, when the summer vacation of 2013 was about to end, Adam witnessed some personal family problems with his fathers' side of the family, making him isolate himself totally from it for a long time afterwards. This made the start in the new gymnasium class very difficult, especially because all the others had already spent one year together and had already found their places and social standings among each other. Adam had a hard time opening up because of the family problems, and entered another depression, fortunately much milder than the previous one. However, he kept his confidence and hopes high, by making sure to visit his old friends in Hillerød, especially those in Hillerød Ungdomskulturhus, where he could still witness the acknowledgement that his self-esteem required. Because of this backup, he was able to stay positive, which made it a little easier to slowly gain friends in the new gymnasium, both outside and inside his own class.
Sasha & Mig til random event

Adam and a small crowd at a concert in Elværket.

Finally, he grew friends with a group of musicians in Helsingør who introduced him to a musichouse called Elværket ("The Power Plant"), an old concert hall and typical hang-out place for music-interested people, which was located very close to Adam's new home in Helsingør. He ended up spending much of his time at Elværket the first half of his second gymnasium year, and then after half a year, in January of 2014 he participated in the yearly general meeting and ended up entering the association's board as PR-responsible board member, resulting in his reputation quickly growing among Elværket's common visitors. Adam's role in the new gymnasium class also appeared to be more easily defined, as he grew closer friends with the people in the new city. His problems with his father's family were finally solved, and it suddenly helped him open up to everyone, and regain his general optimism. He was suddenly not feeling a need to go to his friends in Hillerød in order to re-fill his self-esteem anymore, so he could spend even more time getting to know more people around Helsingør.

Mig efter Roskilde

Adam after returning from Roskilde Festival - he had an amazing experience, but nevertheless extremely tiring as well.

In the newspaper

At this time, Adam made it to the local newspaper, due to his job preparing the Helsingør Festival.

Then the second year in gymnasium ended and the summer vacation of 2014 begun, which meant that it was time for yet another round of Roskilde Festival. Adam made a deal with a fastfood restaurant called Big A's Diner, which had a stand at the festival area, to work volunteeringly for them for 24 hours during the festival and get the armband in return. He decided to re-create last year's success, inviting people from all different parts of his life in the camp which would be known as KakaoFuglCamp #2, and it turned out even better than the previous year's camp, despite several old members not rejoining the camp, or not returning to the festival at all. When returning home after the festival, Adam could finally focus on partying and enjoying the summer vacation, while also working hard in Elværket preparing the musichouse's own upcoming festival, Helsingør Festival, which turned out to require more time and work than one could expect. He had never tried working so hard and hold so much responsibility for a special cause, but the feeling didn't scare him at all. In fact, he had discovered a new, more adult and responsible side in himself - so while the preparations for the festival proceeded, he also entered another project, hosted by JA-Kontoret (The YES-Office) in Helsingør. The goal for this project was to create an actual Youth Center somewhere in Helsingør, like the good old Hillerød Ungdomskulturhus, which Adam had long wanted to happen. Helsingør Festival went even better than expected, and broke every record from the last year, and Adam's love of holding responsibility increased even more!

After the summer vacation of 2014 he was ready for the third, last and hardest year of gymnasium, despite having little time due to his two volunteer jobs. Lately Adam had gotten slightly addicted to working, and even though it probably damaged his chance of taking school seriously enough, he was hired for two additional jobs. One job was a volunteer job, promoting the famous annual Prague Week which would grant him a free ticket for next year. The second job he had gotten through contacts within JA-Kontoret was at the teenage institution Helsingør Ungdomsskole and this one would actually be his first ever job with an hourly wage. Adam looked forward to a stressful year with a lot of work, but also with a lot new experiences.

Speaking to the other students of Helsingør Gymnasium at the school breaks, one girl acted more interested in the Praque Week-work than the majority. She had just started her first year at the gymnasium, and Adam helped her get into the circle of friends. She joined his volunteer work for Praque Week, and the two of them soon found themselves travelling to a job meeting in Copenhagen, despite barely knowing each other. When they were heading back home, they shared a kiss, and soon got into a serious relationship.

No School and No Job Edit

Mig til Fødselsdag

Adam at his own 20 Year Birthday Surprise Party, hosted in Elværket by his mother and girlfriend.

Eventually, the increasing piles of tiring Helsingør Gymnasium homework, and the work for Praque Week, Elværket, JA-Kontoret and at Helsingør Ungdomsskole became a too stressful mouthful, when Adam also had to look after the new girlfriend. This resulted in a heavy loss of motivation and energy, which made all of Adam's projects falling apart at once, during that fall. He decided to leave Helsingør Gymnasium by the start of December 2014, despite being on his third and final school year, which would end half a year later. His and his girlfriends' work for Praque Week wasn't good enough, so they never got on the holiday tour. His contract job at Helsingør Ungdomsskole ended. The only things which seemed to go right for Adam in the early 2015, was the volunteer jobs at Elværket and JA-Kontoret, which he had gotten much more time and motivation for doing. At Elværket's next general meeting, Adam was promoted to event-responsible board member, while still attaining his role as PR-responsible board member.

However, Adam didn't earn any money this way, and had a hard time finding a real job in months. So during this time he ended up spending all the money he had been saving up from several years earlier. When finally a job offer came to the table, it didn't turn out well, and Adam had to return to the tireless searching. Eventually, he started owing money to his own mother among others, and realized he had to do something. So in the late spring he started at a local production school called Produktionsskolen Sundet, a place where the students get practical work during school-time and thus earns money each second week. This was only a temporary solution, however, as he had already decided to start all over with his education. Just before he started at Produktionsskolen Sundet he also broke up with his girlfriend, so that he could also start all over with his failed love-life.

On the production school he worked with graphic designs on t-shirts and bedsheets, as well as on the school's own newspaper. He got to know several new friends, and also arranged a beach-party for them all. Here, Adam and a friend from Hillerød tested a festival sound system they had been preparing for Roskilde Festival, and it worked perfectly. When the school summer vacation came soon after, they left for yet another week at Roskilde Festival. For his fifth year at the festival, Adam had once again made a deal with Big A's Diner and thus secured himself an armband through them. He tried assemble everyone from last year's camp and adding new friends from Musikhuset Elværket, but ran into several problems. The people from Smørum tried another camp that year and the Norwegians couldn't make it. Nevertheless, it still seemed to become a huge camp with large groups coming from both Hillerød, Helsingør and some from Hørsholm, so some of them camped in the line, so that they could get in quick and make room for the others. When they got through, Adam realized that this wasn't possible at all, and the camp sadly split up in three different groups. KakaoFuglCamp #3 was a complete failure, despite each group had fun with themselves - and Adam too.

He returned to his home in Helsingør and started prepare for the next festival that he was responsible for, Helsingør Festival at Musikhuset Elværket. It wasn't as successful as the previous year at all, and he also ran into some social trouble at the musichouse. That resulted in Adam leaving both his place at the board, and also left JA-Kontoret's Youth-Culture-House project.

Second try - this time at VUC Edit

Soon after, Adam started at a 2-year version of the danish gymnasium for adults, called VUC.

(More will be added, when there is more to add...)

Hive Workshop HistoryEdit

Joining the HiveEdit

Adam Nikolaj Margaard signed up as a member on in 2009, because he spent a lot of time on personal Warcraft III map projects at the time, and realized that the Hive Workshop had a vast section with all kinds of resources to be used in Warcraft III maps. Like on other sites on the internet, Adam used Amargaard as his username.

His maps were all based on outdoor-roleplays he and his friends have had in the school yard, but around this time, they were all starting to grow too old to play around just like that. Amargaard, however, did not lose his interest in roleplaying and had to find an alternative. Luckily the Hive Workshop had an entire forum for roleplaying - and Amargaard entered several of the active roleplays, and after a short while he realized which one was his personal favorite kind of roleplaying - he liked Freeform Storytelling Roleplays the most, simply due to the fact that he mostly enjoyed roleplaying because of the story that the players made up in a shared effort, compared to the actual playing. Seeing few active Freeform Storytelling Roleplays in the forum, Amargaard finally decided to make his own roleplaying thread, calling it "Avataria", it soon turned into a long, interesting story, but eventually it died out when facing a long period of low activity.

The Daily PeonEdit

The Protectorate Six

Some of Amargaard's characters in the Daily Peon-roleplay. Peon Amargaard is the dragon-rider in the back.

He didn't feel like hosting another roleplay that would suffer the same fate at that time, so he searched the site for another Freeform Storytelling Roleplay, even outside of the Roleplaying forum. And there, in the corner of the broad Hive community, he finally found The Daily Peon social group. The roleplay in the group had already been active for years, and the story was long and detailed. Yet Amargaard decided to read through the whole thing, and after months of daily reading, he finally felt ready to join the actual roleplay. Inspired by the silly nature of the group's early history, Amargaard created a character called "Peon Amargaard".

For years, Amargaard participated in the story with his new, silly character, who actually slowly evolved into a way more serious character. Both in terms of looks, personality and abilities. Amargaard grew quite attached to his own character, because peon Amargaard had become his very image on the Hive Workshop and even a figure of his entire internet identity, which he wore with pride. However, the Daily Peon story ended the same way the "Avataria"-roleplay had ended long before that, with a long period of no activity. The social group's maintainer, Alagremm made a democratic poll, having every member vote what should be the future of the group. It was decided by popular demand that the roleplay should be restarted in an entirely new universe.

At first Amargaard was interested in this change, but soon he realized that the new roleplay lacked one thing that the previous roleplay had. Peon Amargaard. Depressed that his beloved character would never be able to return in the new universe, Amargaard decided to leave the social group, and return to his roots in the Roleplaying forum.

Avataria #2Edit

Here, he made another attempt at hosting a Freeform Storytelling Roleplay, naming this thread "Avataria #2", in honor of his first roleplay. Furthermore, he decided to re-use peon Amargaard as his Main Character in this roleplay, but changed the character a lot to better match the new universe (I.E, renaming him "Amar Gaardos"). Fortunately, Avataria #2 became a huge success, soon taking over the place as the forum's biggest and most active roleplay at the time. Amargaard received a lot of experience in hosting roleplays, and his character witnessed a drastic evolution as well. However, just like all of the other roleplays, Avataria #2 also entered a period of low activity, and eventually died out.


And Amargaard ended up doing just like he had done when his first roleplaying thread died out - searching the borders of the Hive Workshop for a new roleplay to enter. He found a new social group, that would later be known as Kaelicious, less than a month after it had been created by the Hive Workshop member Vengeancekael. At this time the roleplaying was not the dominating part of the group, which instead was focused on contests and competitions. However, Amargaard, along with other new, active members like Bernkastel, kari0003 and David, ended up changing the group to focus more on roleplaying and the contests only being a small bonus. Once again, Amargaard re-used the same old character in this roleplay, this time changing his name to "Am'ar Kardos".

The roleplay seemed solid, so Amargaard sticked around, and witnessed Vengeancekael passing on maintainership to Bernkastel. Amargaard was heavily against Bernkastel's idea of changing the group's roleplay to a new post-apocalyptic one, partly because he had already had to let go of so many fictional universes that were dear to him, and left the social group in protest. Coincidentally, the new roleplaying universe had to be trashed after a while due to low interest from majority of the group's members. Although Amargaard had left the group, he had never stopped observing it, and shortly after realizing this, he wrote a visitor message on Bernkastel's profile, suggesting making up an entirely new roleplaying universe, with just as few limits as the original one had. Bernkastel eventually agreed, and the preparations for the new roleplay was started. However, this suffered the same fate as its predecessor with low interest after a short while, but despite its failure, Amargaard stayed in the group and his relationship with Bernkastel had been repaired, after almost half a year.

Together, the two decided to return the social group to its original universe, starting at December 2013. Fortunately, the Christmas event turned out quite successful with lots of activity the whole month. After it was over, Bernkastel passed on her role as maintainer over the group to Amargaard, who gladly received it in January 2014. He have kept it ever since, and have made sure to stick to the old traditions of the group, while also make room for new ones...

deviantART HistoryEdit

Adam had long known about the existence of deviantART, but had never bothered sign up, until during summer/Fall 2013, which was also a time where he was bored because of having quit Kaelicious, and not knowing how to spend his spare-time creatively.

Am'ar hund

The creation of this boxer dog-character, resembling Am'ar Kardos, was a result of his victory in the contest.

He made an account, and as usual, he named it Amargaard. He searched the site for contests, and found a group hosting contests. With nothing else to do, he decided to join a random one. He didn't notice that it was already in progress, closing in on its end. Only a week remained, but Adam had little other to do anyway, so he actually managed to finish an entire piece on the time, and ended up with the first place.

After only a week on the site he could call himself a winner. That pushed him into being more active, speaking to more people and drawing more. For a time he worked on art for a new secret roleplaying project of his, and uploaded it to deviantART. However, about that time Kaelicious started running again, and slowly Amargaard lost both his motivation for working on the new roleplay, and also his inspiration for drawing artwork related to it.

His deviantART account is still there, but he rarely uses it, despite knowing that he have several unfinished pieces waiting to be finished, and messages waiting to get replies...