The Artists are a specific group of members who have joined the Hollideus Project Team. Their job is basically to provide all the required artwork of the project. That includes art for pages on the wiki, concept art for characters and locations, etc.

As opposed to the writers, the artists have more limitations as to how creative their work must be like. The artwork must obviously be based on descriptions provided in the Hollideus novel series by the writers. However, in case the novel series are successful the Hollideus project can move on to its second, more ambitious phase, creation of a comic series, where the artists will have a much bigger role to play!

Hollideus Project Team Artists Edit

What to do? Edit

Provide concept art for the characters and locations mentioned in the novel series once the writers have started it. Until then, provide the required artwork for the wiki pages.

"Hollideus I: The Horrors of Halloween" also needs a cover artwork, and at least one illustration for each of its chapters.