February is the second of twelve months in a year. In both the Kaelicious universe and the Hollideus universe, it is the month of the popular Valentine holiday and thus the favorite month of all Valentine Forest inhabitants, including all supporters of the Idol of Valentine, because it is the time for carrying out the Idol's most important ideologies, typically resulting in a Valentine War over the title between the supporters of the God of Love and the maniacs in the Goddess of Insanity's army.

So far, there have been hosted two February events in the Kaelicious social group. Hell_Master joined the Kaelicious roleplay in the "Cupid & Mania"-event in February 2013. Chenralstrasz and StormWarriors2 both joined the roleplay in "The Valentine War"-event in February 2014.

For the different February-timelines of the two similar franchises, see February (Kaelicious) and February (Hollideus).