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Hollideus Universe
Background Information:
Debut: Hollideus I: Year of Dragons, Chapter I
Kaelicious Counterpart: Grepett
Lore Information:
Factions: Unknown
Homeland: Mordan

Grepetts are a humanoid peaceful race of winged sheep native to the continent of Mordan. They were designed by Veor Chranuaris and have existed for at least a couple hundreds of centuries, natural evolution making them more prettier than he could ever have done.

150 years before the Year of Dragons, the Cranda Empire invaded the continent and enslaved the Grepett people. The later seperation of the empire into four factions also brought different politics regarding the Grepett minions, some more equal than others.

The Grepett culture is deeply rooted in the month of january where they celebrate with New Year festivals - after the Cranda invasion their cultures have been mixed together.

Grepett characters Edit