The Hollideus Project is based upon evolving a unique fantasy-universe that is supposed to be both action-packed, humorous, dramatic and purely epic!

The project will have several phases. First phase is to create a novel series. If this is successful, the next goal will be to create comics based on the novels. The third step will be to make Warcraft III campaigns based on the comics, and the final step will be to create an actual animated cartoon series.

The project will be run by Adam Nikolaj Margaard and a team of artists and writers.

Hollideus Project Team Edit

This is a complete list of members who have agreed to join the team. Note that any team member can have several roles in the project. Anyone can sign up as a member of the Hollideus Project Team. However, to do so, one will first have to create a wiki-account, and then add their real name or user name to the list below.

Team Leader:



What to do? Edit

Since the Hollideus Project wiki is all new, there is a lot to do at the moment. There is no real order what should be done first. However, it'd be nice to have people add pages about the original roleplay of the Kaelicious social group, and to add information about the overall future goals of the project.

The actual project runs whether there is a strong fundamental ground about the old lore or not. Those who have signed up as writers may help edit the first novel, "Hollideus I: Year of Dragons", while the artists will deal with concept art of the various novel characters, locations and events.