Members, on the Hollideus Project Wiki, can mean several things. On the Hive Workshop site, on which the Kaelicious social group can be found, users are called members - but on this wiki the word is more commonly referring to the members who actually join the specific social group. Wether they participate in the roleplay or not, they must all follow the rules of the group, which can all be seen in the group's "[General] Rules, Guidelines & Lore of the Group"-thread. Those who participate in the roleplay must create one main character, and can add additional extra characters to the plot as they please, although there is a maximum limit of five extra characters. The only member allowed to change the rules, is the group's maintainer - Amargaard currently holds that title.

However, the term might also be referring to the Hollideus Project Members - those who have joined the Hollideus project team and helps out, as writers and/or artists.