This page is about the Hive member. For the character in the Kaelicious universe named Paillan, see "Paillan (Kaelicious)" instead. For the character in the Hollideus universe, see "Paillan (Hollideus)".

Paillan's current Avatar-picture on the Hive Workshop, depicting a Warcraft III terrain screenshot, with the red text "Bad!" hovering above it.
Project Member: Yes
Roles: Writer
Contact Information:
Wikia account: Paillan
Hive account: Paillan
deviantART account: N/A
Facebook account: N/A

Waikipan Catrileo Paillán Legué, better known by his internet-alias Paillan or Paillán, is an 18-year-old studying guy who lives in Talca, Chile, born the 21st of July, 1996. He is a prominent member of the Kaelicious social group, and a writer of the Hollideus Project.

Paillán joined the Kaelicious roleplay in November 2012, with an unnamed post, using Paillan as his Main Character. Extra Characters created by Paillán in the roleplay includes Leila,Kyrkow, Dante, Ventus, Lujon and the God of Light.

Relation to the Hollideus ProjectEdit

Paillán joined the Kaelicious social group back when it was still all new, in November 2012, and he has participated in the roleplay ever since.

Once Amargaard announced the beginning of the Hollideus Project in Kaelicious the 31st of October 2014, Paillán was the first to create a wikia account and edit the Hollideus Project Wiki, except Amargaard of course.