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This article contains lore from the Kaelicious roleplay. Although the content of the Hollideus Universe might be based on such lore, this article should NOT be taken as representing any Hollideus Universe lore whatsoever.
Kaelicious Universe
Chen in the Easter Games, by Amargaard.
Background Information:
Debut: Unknown
Hollideus Counterpart: Cranda
Lore Information:
Factions: Unknown
Homeland: Mordan

Pandas are a humanoid race who lived in 8 tribes roaming the upper part of Mordan, but Kam'ger of the Gurrubak Tribe lead a war against the others. 7 tribes and Kam'ger's own life were lost, but the race endured.

They also got into a heated relationship with the alien Grepett people.

The only known Pandas are Chen, Dai-Quong and Kam'ger.