Welcome to the The Hollideus Project WikiEdit

The Hollideus Project is based upon evolving a unique fantasy-universe that is supposed to be both action-packed, humorous, dramatic and purely epic!

The entire universe, including its characters, places and many plots are all based on an on-going roleplay in the social group known as Kaelicious. The overall purpose of the Hollideus project is to re-create the stories made by the many past- and present members of Kaelicious and turn them into a series of wiki-based novels - if the novel project appear to be successful the next step will be a comic series project, then a Warcraft III campaign series project, and finally an animated cartoon series project.

This wiki will feature a collection of lore from both the existing Kaelicious-universe, and will also reveal the progress of the Hollideus Project. Check out the early state of the project's first product, Hollideus I: Year of Dragons, and help out if you feel like it! Anyone can join the Hollideus Project Team, but the roleplaying members from Kaelicious are preferred, as well as dedicated writers and artists.

Enjoy your stay, and please don't hesitate to leave me a message if you have any questions regarding the wiki or the project.

-Amargaard, Team Leader of Project Hollideus

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