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Hollideus Universe
Background Information:
Debut: Hollideus I: Year of Dragons, Chapter I
Kaelicious Counterpart: Deity
Lore Information:
Factions: Unknown

The Vei are 12 powerful ageless entities who helped piece together the world and the life to populate it. As creators they claimed different roles and duties of equal importance. Each Vei represent one or several magical elements and is connected to a specific month of the year.

All the Vei had long ago decided to hide away from the peoples of the world, letting time and destiny unfold itself without their interference. They had agreed on only speaking to the few destinied mortals who came to posess specific magical artifacts. Those mortals would become known as Idols among the people, and each Idol came to posess immense powers, while rightfully claiming to speak for the Vei. Most others faithfully believed in the Vei despite never having seen proof of their existance, and inserted the powerful Idols as leaders of their various states, while in other places the faith had since turned to mere myths and folktales.

The Pantheon Edit

  • Veio Chranuaris, Vei of the world's destiny, all of its history, and the sacred winds of time
  • February - Valentine - Nature
  • March - St. Patrick's Day - Swamp bleh
  • April - Easter - Lightning
  • May - Worker's Day - Earth
  • June - Midsummer - Fire
  • July - Independance Day - Psystuff
  • August - Assumption - Light
  • September - Pirate's Day - Water
  • October - Oktoberfest - Sound
  • November - Halloween - Darkness
  • December - Christmas - Ice