Veio Chranuaris
Hollideus Universe
Viu Laehon Head
Concept art by Adam Nikolaj Margaard.
Background Information:
Debut: Chapter I ~ The Vision,
Kaelicious Counterpart: Vengeancekael
Character Information:
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Unknown
Home: Sky Palace
Relatives: None
Current status: Alive, continuing to overlook the world's history from his Sky Palace.

Veio Chranuaris is the Vei of January, controlling the elements of wind and Time, and the creator of the Grepett-race.

He records the history of the world in the Book of Destiny, and is the one who gets to name every new year after recieving a vision of the year on the first of January.


Veio Chranuaris is an ancient magical being who coopereated with the other 11 Vei to create the world and the people to populate it. He created a race of sheep with wings, first an unpopular choice among the others, but they would soon evolve to the respected Grepett-race.

The Vei collectively decided to stop interfering in the world's natural evolution, and thus Veio Chranuaris would spend most of his time alone in his Sky Palace, recording the history of the world in the Book of Destiny. He would only communicate with the January Idol indirectly through messages. Across the world he would be known by many different names in different religions and cultures, while some would reject belief in his existance.

Hollideus I: Year of Dragons Edit

Chapter I ~ The Vision Edit

On the morning, 1st of January, Veio Chranuaris stands on the balcony of his Sky Palace and summons the grain of sand that fell through his giant magical hourglass at the exact time the new year began. He recieved the vision it held - foretelling the surprising return of dragons in Hollideus - and would then name the new year the Year of Dragons. He sent off the grain of sand to the Idol of January, Lord Kam'ger in northern Mordan.

Hollideus I: The Horrors of Halloween Edit

What happened to Veio Chranuaris in this novel?

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