The Writers are a specific group of members who have joined the Hollideus Project Team. Their job is basically to work on the Hollideus novel series, by writing the stories about the major and minor events happening in the Hollideus universe. The writers will base the stories upon the old stories made by the roleplayers of Kaelicious, but are free to tweak them as much as they desire, as long as it is to the good of the universe. The writers' job is thus very fundamental to the whole project, considering the fact that what they end up producing becomes the base of work for the later comic-, Warcraft III campaign-, and animated cartoon-series projects.

Hollideus Project Team Writers Edit

What to do? Edit

Once the Hollideus project will have its actual launch, after the most important of the Kaelicious-related articles have finally been added to the wiki, the first step will be to write the first novel of the series, "Hollideus I: The Horrors of Halloween", improving the contents of its many chapters until it is finally complete.